Always identify yourself at the beginning of all calls:

  1. When in the office, always answer a telephone by saying: “Hello/Good Morning, Accounting Department, Syndi Seid speaking.”
  2. From a cell phone, either simply say Hello, or state your name, Hello, Syndi Seid here.  Do not answer by using words such as “yeah” or “yes.”
  3. When placing a call, always state your name along with the name of the person you are calling. Example: “Hello, my name is John Doe from XYZ Corporation.  May I please speak with Ms. Jane Smith?”


The good old 7Cs of communication will always have an impact on how you converse with people, very important to remember and include the first “C” i.e being clear. Do not use broken phrases. Always use a clear, crisp and simple language.

Know your timeline and keep it short:

While speaking on phone, you are not in front of the other party; hence it is very important to ask if the receiver has enough time to speak to you. Respect the person’s time and ensure that the conversation gets completed within the given timeline.

Avoid fillers and keep it interesting:

Filler words — like um and uh — are never written into a speech, and add nothing when a speaker utters them. During a telephonic conversation, a filler word sends a signal to the other person which says “I’m still thinking, and I’m not willing to pass the conversation back to you just yet.” This only conveys that you are confused and still thinking of what to say next.

 Find some quiet place:

Communicating over the telephone is much more effective when both parties can hear each other clearly without background noise. Plan to make your call, whether it’s for work or just to catch up with an old friend, at a time in which you are not required to attend to any other business and ensure that there is no disturbance around. Blaring noises, such as the television or road traffic can interfere with both your listening and communication skills, making it difficult for a conversation.

Summarise, paraphrase and close:

There are various benefits of summarising and paraphrasing, it helps you to reaffirm what was discussed during the phone call. So if there is any information which needs to be changed or altered, the other party has an opportunity to add on. Always end the call with a pleasantry like — “It was pleasure speaking with you” or “You have a nice day.”


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